Development and production


In 2005, our company started with the development and production of devices based on microprocessors. Our first project was a radio modem with a serial interface making use of available frequency band 433 MHz. 

The project of development and manufacture of the first fiscal printer in Slovakia (at that time still registered as a cash register) was in progress throughout the years 2006 to 2008. This project was extraordinary in given area, this was primarily thanks to its high level of integration enabling the original module's type of construction. It was built on a basis of 16-bit microprocessors from RENESAS company.


Nowadays, we use 32-bit microprocessors with reduced instruction set architecture and ARM architecture with an ample assistance of input/output interface and communication protocols, for the needs of development of our own fiscal devices.

The manufacture and development is executed by our own team of experienced professionals, namely in following fields:

  • development and design of technical solutions on microprocessor basis
  • PCB design
  • development of firmware for supported technological basis
  • development of supporting application software on the ground of operating systems Windows, Windows CE and Android
  • assemblage, revivification and testing of produced devices

We have extensive experience with application and integration of various communication interfaces, modules and peripheries, namely of: 

  • memory cards MMC, SD
  • LCD and TFT touchscreens
  • communication modules 3G, BT, WIFI, ZigBee, NFC
  • RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485, USB as a virtual COM, USB OTG, USB Master/Slave communication protocol
  • HW design and drivers for  2", 3" or 4" thermal printer mechanisms Fujitsu, Citizen

and also vast experience with software modules, mostly with:

  • RTOS (Free RTOS)
  • WEB - CLIENT, SERVER, FTP, HTTP, SSL connections with static IP address or through DHCP, protocol TCP or UDP
  • SW maintenance of SD cards up to 32 GB (SDHC)
  • execution of FAT32 file system
  • encryption and hashing 3DES, MD5, SHAx
  • conversion Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog

Looking for a supplier?

Are you dealing with projects in the area of microprocessor control and data processing? Are you trying to find a supplier of the whole solutions or only partial solutions? Contac us!

We will be honored to participate on your interesting projects and furthermore to prove our vast experience. 

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