Company history - major milestones

Year 1996

  • the establishment of BOWA Ltd., company which focuses mainly on commercial activities, service of electronic cash registers and new technologies as well as on the import of congeneric products from the international markets 
  • the beginning of building a dealer network

Year 1997

  • distribution of electronic cash registers BMC, Elite
  • we became the official distributor of barcode scanners METROLOGIC in the Slovak Republic
  • we reached an exclusive agency agreement with the German air tube transport system producer - HÖRTIG ROHRPOST in the Slovak Republic 
  • we executed the first complex project of design and execution of air tube transport system

Year 1998

  • we became the official distributor of electronic cash registers UNIWELL in the Slovak Republic 

Year 2003

  • we became the official distributor of BIXOLON devices in the Slovak Republic

Year 2004

  • we reached an exclusive agency agreement with DATECS Ltd., for an exclusive dealership of their products in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • we commenced the distribution of DATECS products to dealer network

Year 2005

  • we started with the distribution of ZEBEX devices
  • we established our own research and development department and started with our own development and production of devices at the same time

Year 2007

  • As the first Slovakian company, we started to manufacture and sell the fiscal printer, we were given a certificate of compliance No. 00010/101/1/2007 from January 5th, 2007.This was the final result of our vast investment into development of new and innovative devices with a long-term perspective, the result of a long-lasting effort made by our development department.
  • We reconstructed the company along with narrowing down its main activities to wholesale activities. Meanwhile, an independent company PROFINESA Ltd. has arisen. It focuses mostly on products' delivery and provision of installation and implementation services directly to the final customer. 

Year 2008

  • joining the strategic partnership with MK-soft, Ltd.,Prešov, the producer and provider of software for small and medium-sized businesses

Year 2009

  • we obtained a certificate for 30 electronic cash registers and fiscal printers
  • We were working very hard and intensively on broadening the partner network in Slovakia, specifically to gain the partners dealing with development of software applications for points of sale. The number of these partners has exceeded 30. 
  • we started with a distribution of fiscal modules into dealer network 

Year 2010

  • we concentrated our effort exclusively on production and delivery of certified electronic cash registers, fiscal printers and modules to dealer network

Year 2011

  • activities related to productions and deliveries of fiscal modules have culminated
  • the number of manufactured and delivered fiscal modules has exceeded 14 000 

Year 2012

  • we started to work on new innovative projects
  • we moved the whole company to new premises in Bratislava, Rusovská cesta 20

Year 2013

  • we reached an exclusive agency agreement with Taiwanese company POSLAB




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