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Slovak International Air Fest 2013, Sliač, Slovakia

Rental of 40 pcs. of cash registers by subcontractingSIAF logo

2nd September 2013
Between the 31st August and the 1st of September 2013, the most anticipated event of the year took part at Sliač airport - Slovak International Air Fest. The art of pilots and the beauty of vehicles were admired by nearly 1000 visitors. Since the convener of this event had expected such a high visit rate, he did not neglect the provision of refreshments for the visitors and he entrusted this responsibility to an exclusive partner.


Summer festival Bažant POHODA, Trenčín, Slovakia

Rental of 82 pcs. of cash registersFestival Bažant Pohoda

16th August 2013
This has already been the fourth time we rented out the cash registers for the summer festival Bažant POHODA in Trenčín. The 17th Bažant POHODA festival was hold in the second week of July. We provided the company organizing the festival by our complex services, including emergency service throughout the duration of the whole event. 

We have also provided rent and delivery of related services within the past years:
Year 2012 ..... 90 pcs. of cash registers
Year 2011 ..... 92 pcs. of cash registers
Year 2010 ..... 77 pcs. of cash registers


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